The Mission began in the early 1970s, when Clive and Thelma Cooper bought a furniture store from Downer and White to house their Sunday School (or Something On Sunday - SOS, as it became known). For many years the Sunday School of more than 40 children had met in their garage.

In its new building, named Lake Green Christian Mission, it was possible to expand the activities. Sunday evening services, Bible studies, and 'breaking of bread' or communion services for committed Christians, were all added to the weekly programme. 

For many Lake residents, perhaps the most memorable activity was Mrs Cooper's handicrafts club, held on Monday evenings. She specialised in designing useful or ornamental objects which could be made from junk or low cost materials. To be successful, the club projects had to be achievable within an hour by youngsters aged 7+. Many people will remember the ornaments made of shells, the pressed flower pictures, the Christmas decorations, the notebooks, the birthday cards and much more.

Many years on, Clive and Thelma Cooper have gone to be with the Lord, but many of the original activities still continue: for example, SOS, breaking of bread, evening services and Bible studies. More recent activities have included parties, quiz nights (with supper), fun afternoons for children, family 'make-and-take' days, 'mad walks', and occasional trips out for a barbecue or games.

In all these activities, as a group of committed Christians, we enjoy fellowship and friendship with each other and try to share our faith in the Lord Jesus with other people. For each of us our Christian faith is enormously important, and we believe its message of God's love and forgiveness is relevant to everyone.

This is why we aim to put a card with a Christian message in every Lake letterbox at Christmas and Easter. (Occasional homes are missed, through oversight or a shortage of cards, but we hope everyone gets one now and again!) We also produce a monthly newsletter. If you would like us to arrange for you to have a regular copy, please let us know.