We are a fellowship of committed Christians who want to share our faith with other people. We'd love to see you at any of our activities - take a look below to find out what we're up to this month. You can listen to recent services. Or, if you'd like to have a chat with someone or would like more information, get in touch with us via the Contact Us page.


Bible Study

In our Bible studies last month, we looked at several narratives in the Gospels which describe how Jesus met different people after He rose from death.  None of them was expecting to see Him, and their encounters left them with a variety of emotions, including fear, bewilderment, amazement and joy.  We saw how Jesus accepted Thomas’s need for first-hand evidence of resurrection and appeared to him a week after Easter day.  And we noted too the blessing promised to those who accept the evidence of Scripture.

This month, we’ll continue the narrative to the beginning of the Christian church.

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We run the following regular services and meetings:
  • Breaking of Bread 10:00am - 11:00am on Sundays - see note below for 7 July
    At the Last Supper, just before He was crucified, Jesus asked His followers to share bread and wine, representing His body and blood, in memory of Him in His death. At the 'breaking of bread', or 'communion', committed Christians obey Jesus's request and join together to worship Him.
  • Afternoon Service 4:30pm - 5:15pm on Sundays
    A service of hymns/songs, prayers and a talk based on a Bible theme or passage lasts about three quarters of an hour and is followed by a cup of tea and a more informal time of fellowship. You can listen to recordings of previous services here.
  • Bible Study (House Group) and Prayer Meeting 7:15pm - 8:15pm on Wednesdays
    We discuss a passage from the Bible and think about how God is speaking to us through it.
  • Craft and Cake Club (with tea, cake and a 'thought'): 1st Friday of the month at 2:30 pm.

Last Month

Craft Club

These photos show what we did at Craft Club last month - felted pictures.  We also ate cake, made by Sarah and Joey, and shared a ‘thought’ from the Bible.

This Month

Here's what's happening this month:

  • July: services as above
  • Please note Breaking of Bread is at 9:00 am on July 7
  • Craft and cake club (with tea, cake and a 'thought': Friday 5 July 2:30 pm

Thought for the Month

Beeing in harmony

I enjoy seeing and hearing the pollinators at work in my garden.  As I write, the favoured plants seem to be sages and hardy geraniums.  In the spring, the laburnum often attracts so many simultaneous bees that the whole tree hums loudly enough for me to hear it on the other side of the garden.

The insects are of course foraging for nectar for food.  In the process of collecting it, they move small quantities of pollen on their bodies from one flower to another, enabling the plants to produce seeds.  It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement:  The bees get the nourishment they need, and the plants get to reproduce themselves.

This interdependence of living things is a reminder of God’s wisdom and power in creation.  Pollination is just one example.  Another  - discovered relatively recently – is the underground system of roots and fungi which mysteriously support each other in woodland environments.  Such interdependence could never have come about by chance.  God planned the different elements of the natural world to work in harmony with each other and not in conflict or competition.

It’s not surprising that God intended us humans too to live in a mutually supportive environment, living in harmony with nature and with each other.  Sadly, when Adam and Eve disobeyed God, sin came into the world and disrupted its harmony.  We can see this disruption in fractured relationships, and in selfishness and greed in our use of resources.

Only God can put things right.  He offers to forgive and restore us as individuals; and He promises, one day in the future, to make everything new.